Nursery Care is available during the two Worship services and Education Hour on Sunday morning and Christian Fellowship Night on Wednesday evenings.  Nursery care is available for children who were 24 months old and younger on September 1, 2014.  During special events the ages for nursery care may be adjusted.  Nursery workers provide opportunities for the youngest children to play in an age-appropriate setting while hearing of God’s love. 

Our nursery is staffed by a screened and trained paid Nursery Attendant and volunteers from our congregation.  We ask that parents label all items belonging to the children they are dropping off.  Please notify the nursery workers of any allergies or specific needs of your child.  When you bring your child to the nursery, you will be asked to check-in and will receive a pager that you will need to keep with you and return to pick up your child.  Your child will only be released to the person who dropped off the child, unless otherwise noted when you leave your child.


Sick Child Policy

In order to prevent the spread of cold and flu germs, we ask that you:

  • Do not bring your child to class if they are sick with a:
    • fever,
    • bad cough,
    • runny nose with green or yellow mucous.
  • Keep your child at home until they have been asymptomatic for 24 hours without medication (no fever, green/yellow runny nose, “phlegmy “cough) or until the doctor tells you they are no longer contagious. 


In order to help prevent the spread of cold and flu germs, we will do the following:

  • Sanitize toys after each session.
  • Disinfect tables and chairs.
  • Disinfect bathrooms, door knobs, railings and light switches.
  • Provide Kleenex, hand sanitizer and garbage cans in each classroom/nursery.
  • Isolate and send home children who become ill during class.
  • Close classrooms if healthy teachers/workers can not be present.