The Board of Deacons at PPPCC is dedicated to providing care and connections for the members and friends of our church.  Each Deacon is assigned 14 to 15 families which they shepherd and maintain connections with throughout the year.  When one of these families experiences a crisis (such as hospitalization or a death), the Deacon provides spiritual care as well as physical nurture like providing meals, arranging transportation, and making sure the family doesn’t have to deal with the crisis on their own.

2015/2016 Deacon Organization (click for chart)

In addition to caring for the members of their Deacon Groups, Deacons are also involved in...

Caring Adult Ministry

This is a group that seeks to meet the needs of older adults and their families.  They send notes and care packages at different times through the year; celebrate 90th and 95th birthdays; regularly visit those who are unable to leave their place of residence; and assist those who are in need of transportation.  They are led by Melissa Klockow.

S.O.N. Christmas

During the holidays, the Board of Deacons helps us to remember those who are less fortunate than we are.  The Annual SON Christmas program connects families within the church with families who are in need during the holiday season.  Each deacon coordinates care for the family assigned to her group.  Christmas presents for children and items of need for the family are provided in an expression of the love we as a church express to those who cross our paths.  Due to the enormous outpouring of love and care that our church does in the SON Christmas program, families are only eligible to be recipients once.  Come join us to help make Christmas a time of blessing for all as we celebrate the Christ Child. They are led by Mike Alioto.

Funeral Committee

If requested, the Committee shall provide lunch or refreshments (as described in the Funeral Reception brochure) following a funeral or memorial service.  This ministry is available to members of the congregation and their extended families and also to persons under the pastoral care of our church and their extended families. Committee shall work with the pastors assisting the bereaved. They are coordinated by Judy Goral, Martha Zatkalik, Graham Drenth & Shirley Anderson.